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Customer Story

MidMichigan Health

MidMichigan Health knew Assure MIMIX HA had the features and functionality to get the job done

To make certain doctors always have immediate access to critical patient information, MidMichigan Health utilizes a state of the art electronic medical record solution that delivers vital data around the clock to its hospitals and health care facilities. MidMichigan Health needed to ensure that the solution would remain up and running in the event of an unexpected IT outage or during planned system downtime.

MidMichigan Health operates an expansive network of healthcare facilities and services across the central region of the state of Michigan, including multiple hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers and specialty practices such as home care, dialysis, and imaging.

It’s a sophisticated, interdependent association of healthcare settings in which both doctors and patients frequently travel between different facilities. MidMichigan’s physicians were often frustrated by the paper based medical record system that made it difficult to access current, up-to the-second
patient information. The paper trail also slowed other hospital processes, such as billing, as staff waited for hard copies of medical records to reach them.

MidMichigan found the answer to its problem in BlueWare’s Wellness Connection application, which made medical records instantly available online at any of MidMichigan’s facilities or even at the homes of its physicians. However, because paper copies were no longer being filed as they once were, any IT
outage could mean critical records would become inaccessible, even more so than they were before. MidMichigan needed to protect the availability of its new solution against any type of IT downtime.

MidMichigan Health didn’t have to go far to find the solution to its challenge. For nearly 15 years, it had relied on Precisely’s Assure MIMIX HA to protect the availability of its patient admitting and discharge software. Now it would trust it to protect its new medical record solution as well.

“We knew Assure MIMIX HA had the features and functionality to get the job done,” said Dean Butler, Computer Operations and Support Supervisor for MidMichigan Health. “It has performed exceptionally well for us over the years and Lakeview has continued to deliver new innovations and superior functionality.”

When BlueWare implemented its Wellness Connection solution for MidMichigan Health, it also helped install and configure Assure MIMIX HA to ensure the solution’s continuous availability.  Because BlueWare is a business partner of Precisely and its professionals are certified in Assure MIMIX technology, the
implementation was executed smoothly, thoroughly and successfully.