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TDWI Checklist Report: Enhancing Data Integrity with Geocoding and Data Enrichment

To make confident data-driven decisions, organizations need to improve their data integrity. Processes that validate, verify, and enrich the organization’s data assets can improve data’s value for analytics.

Location information is one domain that is well suited to data enrichment. Aside from being easily adaptable to data validation and verification, location information and spatial analytics provide context for decision-making processes. However, many organizations are still immature when it comes to high-quality location data for spatial analytics, and that suggests a need for accurate address verification and geocoding.

Using a persistent, unique identifier for locations can simplify data enrichment while improving precision and accuracy in record matching and linking. Also, enriched data provides additional context and knowledge that contributes to more effective use of spatial analytics.

This TDWI Checklist Report provides guidance for enhancing data integrity through address verification, geocoding, and data enrichment.

TDWI Data Integrity Checklist Enhancing Data Integrity
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