Analyst Report

How Data is Driving Next Generation Customer Experiences

CX and data-focused executives from 100 global enterprises reveal the top challenges facing their customer experience strategies and how they’re working to overcome them.

The global pandemic has rapidly increased the volume of digital customer interactions with brands, driven corporate investment in data integration technologies, and transformed customer expectations worldwide.

In this new business reality, it is more vital than ever for businesses to provide their customers with world-class customer experiences. Great CX improves customer retention, increases customer lifetime value, drives word of mouth referrals, and as a result is increasingly important to the bottom line for global businesses.

However, many enterprises still struggle to leverage their data effectively to understand their customers’ journeys and provide personalized and interactive customer experiences. With commentary from a range of top executives, this representative survey of 100 data, analytics, and CX leaders from enterprises in North America, Europe, and Australia identifies the top challenges facing datadriven CX executives today. What’s more, our research explores how they can overcome them to transform their organizations’ customer experiences.

Read more about the 15 questions the respondents were asked and how improving customer satisfaction levels is a priority for 84% of organizations, but in the wake of the pandemic businesses are also focused on practicalities.

How Data is Driving Next Generation Customer Experiences
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