Analyst Report

Data Professionals Speak: Trends In Data Governance and Data Quality

Results from a survey of Data & Analytics Professionals

There’s no question that quality data is crucial for business leaders to make confident and reliable business decisions. Research from Drexel University’s LeBow Center of Business Analytics, in collaboration with data integrity leader Precisely, shines a light on how data governance programs have a direct impact on data quality.

LeBow Research Report

This report affords organizations without data governance, or those at the earliest stages of implementation, with reliable, data-driven reasons to invest in building or maturing a data governance program.

LeBow Research Report

Learn what 800+ data & analytics leaders shared about the choices their organizations are making today, which appear most effective in charting a path to data governance maturity and ultimately, data integrity.  Read the report.

Results from a Survey of Data and Analytics Professionals
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