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2024 State of Data Quality Report

Enterprises rely on robust data quality management to address challenges and seize strategic and operational advantages in today’s business environment.

Data quality management—often known as stewardship—is the set of procedures, policies, and processes an enterprise uses to maintain trustworthy data. Mature enterprise data quality practices enable better data-driven decisions and allow trusted data to drive business results.

According to recent data, the state of enterprise data quality is improving thanks to a steady flow of investments in human resources, intelligent platforms and tools, and innovative practices. Some enterprises have begun to automate their data quality and implement more standardized processes. These efforts help organizations achieve greater maturity in their data quality initiatives.

Read the new State of Data Quality report today to learn about the current state of data quality management, the top challenges organizations face, and best practices for improving your data quality practices.

2024 State of Data Quality Report
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