Syncsort partners with Databricks to make mainframe data accessible for cloud analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning

The partnership enables organizations to build a lakehouse by ingesting data across the enterprise into Delta Lake

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Syncsort today announced it has partnered with Databricks to support cloud initiatives for critical mainframe and IBM i data. Enterprises can now leverage Syncsort Connect products to access, transform and deliver mainframe data to Delta Lake for advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning projects.

Organizations rely on Databricks to process massive amounts of data in the cloud and power AI, machine learning and business insights. Syncsort Connect features a design once, deploy anywhere architecture that provides a graphical interface to deploy mainframe to cloud data transformation pipelines. Integration with Syncsort Connect products enables the combination of the Databricks platform with Syncsort’s unrivaled ability to integrate previously inaccessible mainframe and IBM i data for analytics and data science.

“For many of our customers who are looking to break down enterprise data silos to power cloud initiatives, accessing critical mainframe data is one of their most daunting challenges,” said Dr. Tendü Yoğurtçu, CTO, Syncsort. “Syncsort leads the industry in accessing, delivering and transforming complex mainframe data efficiently and in a scalable manner to make it usable in modern data management platforms. Expanding our partnership with Databricks brings vital business information to their unified cloud platform for business decision making and key initiatives like AI and machine learning.”

“Data teams are looking for faster access to legacy data in the cloud for analytics and ML projects with Databricks,” said Michael Hoff, senior vice president of Business Development and Partners at Databricks. “This partnership with Syncsort will allow efficient delivery of mainframe data to the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform so organizations can build reliable data lakes in the cloud at scale, with analytics-ready data.”

Earlier today, Databricks announced their new Data Ingestion Network, including Syncsort, to help customers face different challenges in loading data into Delta Lake, such as setting up manual ingestion jobs from different data sources, connecting together different services to process new data and maintaining the connectivity with evolving data APIs across hundreds of data sources. Syncsort’s partnership with Databricks helps make loading data into Delta Lake faster and more reliable for the development of lakehouses. Customers can automatically load data from cloud stores into the Delta Lake, an open source project that provides reliable data lakes at scale. Syncsort’s data integration capabilities combined with Delta Lake improves data recency, simplifies processing, and data completeness for lakehouses.

Find out more about the joint solution or attend our webinar, “Liberate Legacy Data Sources with Syncsort and Databricks”.