Precisely Enhances Confident Decision-Making with Dynamic Weather Context

New Data Service Helps Bring Companies Closer to Achieving Data Integrity

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Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, today announced the availability of Precisely Dynamic Weather, a new offering that provides users with historical, real-time, and forecasted weather data at a hyper-local level for greater context in decision-making.

The data service enhances Precisely’s ability to provide customers with maximum accuracy, consistency, and context in data, which are the essential elements of data integrity. Dynamic Weather delivers weather information at specific locations by revealing patterns related to rainfall, hail, wind, temperature and more for a variety of use cases across industry sectors.

Visualize Data on a Map with Precisely’s Dynamic Weather Tool
Visualize Data on a Map with the Precisely Dynamic Weather tool


While most weather services allow users to visualize areas on a regional level, Dynamic Weather has the ability to drill down to the minute at a radius of just half a mile. This enables users to see how extreme weather conditions – like hail, wind, rain, or snow – impact specific properties or routes.

Location-specific weather data enables a higher level of precision and planning, and ultimately cost-savings, for a number of industries, including:

  • Insurance: Dynamic Weather allows insurers to combat insurance fraud by determining whether adverse weather patterns actually impacted and destroyed specific properties. It also allows insurers to track trends in severe weather systems (such as tornadoes and hurricanes) to better set rates.
  • Retail: Retailers can use Dynamic Weather to compare and correlate past weather events to sales to make informed inventory predictions ahead of similar scenarios. For example, if a retailer knows that a specific store location sold 30% more air-conditioning units during a heat wave, they can replenish supply accordingly ahead of a predicted heat wave.
  • Logistics: Dynamic Weather gives businesses visibility on the weather status across the supply chain. Businesses can see how weather patterns may affect the departing location, route, or final destination of an item and ultimately the delivery of a product. This level of insight allows businesses to more accurately provide updates to customers on shipping delays.

“Previously, the unpredictable nature of weather left businesses ‘hoping for the best’ in many scenarios,” said Dan Edwards, Product Manager, Precisely. “Dynamic Weather eliminates the guessing and allows retailers, insurers, and logistics specialists to make decisions based on accurate, trusted data. This has never been more important as climate change disrupts any sense of predictability. The precision of this tool gives users a level of confidence in their decision-making not previously available.”

Dynamic Weather applies Precisely’s prowess in data integrity along with Baron’s critical weather intelligence to a solution that is relevant in countless scenarios. Ultimately, Dynamic Weather serves as a learning tool for users to better understand how weather impacts their business’ bottom line and allows them to make more confident decisions and operate better in the future.

Visualize Data on a Map with Precisely’s Dynamic Weather Tool
Visualize Data on a Map with the Precisely Dynamic Weather Tool


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