Precisely Announces Release of Assure MIMIX 10, Eliminating the Uncertainty of Server Outages and Data Loss

Assure MIMIX 10 helps expedite data recovery by replicating data to production servers in real time – protecting businesses from the high cost of downtime

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Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, today announced the launch of Assure MIMIX 10 – the newest version of its IBM i high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) product. Assure MIMIX 10, now available in three simple editions, will offer businesses faster synchronization of production and backup systems, enhanced data recovery options, and easier configuration.

Assure MIMIX 10 helps businesses eliminate downtime for IBM i systems and protect against lost data by transparently replicating every change made on a business’ production server to one or more recovery servers, which can be located in the same room, across the globe or in the cloud. In the event of an outage, operations can be switched over to a recovery server, and downtime can be measured in seconds or minutes rather than hours. With a flexible interface, Assure MIMIX 10 supports replication between different operating system versions and storage types, and scales to handle the transaction volumes of businesses of all sizes.

Assure MIMIX 10 delivers new capabilities that automate configuration, so that users can rely on the product to run with minimal manual intervention. Clear Technologies, a leading solution provider of IT consulting, server, storage and software products, welcomes these new updates: “Customers running Assure MIMIX on IBM i with a dynamic journal environment will greatly appreciate the automated journal-driven configuration support. Configuration is simplified, and dynamic changes to the journal environment are automatically handled, resulting in greater confidence in the replication environment,” said Neil Clark, Technical Consultant at Clear Technologies. “As a service provider for many customers running IBM i high availability solutions, the automated journal-driven configuration support in Assure MIMIX 10 will really help make our job easier.”

To better serve Precisely’s customers, Assure MIMIX 10 is now available in three different editions: standard, professional and enterprise. The editions are differentiated by included functionality and processing workload, measured in Commercial Processing Workload (CPW). Customers can select which edition best suits their CPW requirements and their desired features.

“Business leaders are feeling the strain of ensuring the availability and recoverability of data, particularly in the midst of stringent regulations and the rise of cyberattacks,” said John Reda, Senior Vice President of Product Management – Data Integration at Precisely. “For business leaders, system outages can be devastating: any outage can be costly, hindering business operations and diminishing customer satisfaction. With our latest release of Assure MIMIX, we are helping eliminate the uncertainty of downtime by having a reliable recovery server at the ready.”

Assure MIMIX 10 is now available – visit the webpage for more information, or sign up for Precisely’s upcoming webinar to learn more.

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