Precisely and Ordnance Survey AddressBase data


Verified and validated address for map display and analytics in Great Britain


As the global leader in data integrity, Precisely provides worldwide location and consumer based datasets to power analytics across industries. Precisely’s partnership with Ordnance Survey brings together address expertise in Great Britain, resulting in address data of the highest quality and accuracy.

Consistent and correct geocoding and address data is vital for conducting analyses with confidence – and avoiding costly mistakes. Precisely’s and Ordnance Survey’s high quality address data includes unique identifiers for streamlined data management and enrichment, enabling you to efficiently and accurately gather the insights you need.

Ordnance Survey AddressBase datasets are offered in multiple variations to give your organisation the flexibility it needs in deployment and usage.

  • AddressBase delivers a coordinate and unique property reference number (UPRN) for 29 million Royal Mail addresses in Great Britain. This nationwide address file classifies each address as either residential or commercial for greater insight
  • AddressBase Plus includes 29 million Royal Mail addresses as well as 7 million additional addresses from local authority data. This dataset also provides multi-occupancy addresses and topographic identifier (TOID) references
  • AddressBase Premium provides the most up-to-date, accurate information for 40 million addresses, properties, and land areas in Great Britain. Current, historic, and planned addresses are included along with alternative property names and land areas where services are provided.
  • AddressBase Islands offers AddressBase Premium attribution for over 1 million addresses in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. An AddressBase Plus version is also available for these geographic areas
  • AddressBase Core is a new dataset that provides weekly updates from local authorities to ensure address data is as accurate as possible. Property classification attribution is included for each address, as well as the following key identifiers: unique property reference number (UPRN); topographic identifier (TOID); unique delivery point reference number (UDPRN); government statistical service (GSS)

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