List of Sub-Processors

Precisely may engage the following sub-processors to process customer personal data in the normal course of business (such as support and maintenance services and hosted software). Precisely may also use affiliated companies listed at on, to be updated from time to time, to process customer personal data as appropriate subject to the requirements of the DPA.

Sub-Processor Name Sub-processor Location Services Type
Amazon Web Services USA Data Infrastructure
Microsoft USA Data Infrastructure
IBM USA Data Infrastructure
Salesforce USA Data Infrastructure
AlienVault USA Security Monitoring
AmberRoad USA Compliance
Bizzabo USA Marketing
Cisco Systems USA Data Infrastructure
Clavis Key Generation Switzerland Security Monitoring / IT
Complete IT USA Security Monitoring / IT
Atlassian USA Development
Coupa USA Finance
Crowdstrike USA Security Monitoring
CyberArk USA Security Monitoring / IT
Data360 Solutions USA Marketing
DocuSign USA Finance and Fulfillment
FireEye/Mandiant USA Security Monitoring / IT
Flexera USA Fulfillment
GitHub USA Development
Higher Logic USA Marketing
LeanData USA Marketing
O2CPRO USA Finance
Okta USA Security Monitoring / IT
On24 USA Marketing
Oracle America, Inc. USA Finance, Marketing
Outreach USA Marketing
PDX USA Fulfillment
Proofpoint USA Security Monitoring / IT
Rapid 7 USA Security Monitoring / IT
Recurly USA Finance
Renewtrak Australia Sales
ServiceRocket USA Security Monitoring / IT
Silectis USA Data Infrastructure
Skilljar USA Marketing
SmartSheet USA Development
Snowflake USA Data Infrastructure
Spectrum USA Data Infrastructure
Tableau USA Data Infrastructure
VEEAM USA Security Monitoring / IT
Vicom Infinity USA Data Infrastructure
Vmware USA Development, Security Monitoring / IT
VirtuIT Systems USA Security Monitoring / IT
WordPress USA Development
Workato USA Data Infrastructure
Xactly USA Finance
Xsell USA Finance
ZoomInfo USA Marketing