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What is z/OS?

z/OS is an operating system that runs IBM mainframe computers. Introduced in 2000, this operating system is still very much active and relevant to modern computing. 

For organizations operating mainframes with the need for superior stability and security, running z/OS is sure to be an attractive option.

 The z/OS operating system grew from OS/390 which came before, and it still shares a collection of products with that previous platform. This operating system has come to be a leader in this space largely due to steady, continuous improvement dating back as early as the 1960s. 

Benefits of z/OS

Mission-critical applications run on mainframes, and they need to run continuously. This is where z/OS is so reliable, and why it is so popular. As an operating system, z/OS can be trusted to provide stable performance day after day. 

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z/OS is an operating system that runs IBM mainframe computers.

z/OS Speeds

One of the big developments that z/OS was able to bring to the mainframe computing world was to divide up work into pieces. Rather than going through each command one at a time, z/OS can divide and conquer, using resources more efficiently and getting work done in a shorter time span. Today’s mainframes are massively powerful, enabling them to keep up with an incredible amount of work all at the same time. 

How Precisely can help

Precisely offers a number of mainframe solutions to help you optimize your z/OS, Db2 and more.