What is serviceability?

Serviceability is a network or service provider’s ability to reliably deliver telecommunication services to a specific location. This includes services like phone lines, internet access, or other communication technologies. 

A robust understanding of serviceability typically requires complete address precision, accurate property classifications, building information, and property boundaries. 

Optimize network planning, retain subscribers, and capitalize on funding opportunities

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Why is it important to have a better view of serviceable locations?

For telecom providers, the ability to confidently identify serviceable locations is critical.

Without it, organizations experience impacts like:

  • underserved households and missed opportunities to increase the number of subscribers
  • decrease in opportunities to upsell new services and bring in more revenue
  • inability to receive funding for new infrastructure projects due to incorrect reporting

But with a comprehensive view of serviceable locations, you’re fully equipped to:

  • unlock new service subscribers, even when they’re located within multi-dwelling or multi-tenant units
  • ensure the success of emerging connectivity initiatives
  • prioritize locations that need internet access the most

How can Precisely help you with serviceability?

Precisely powers subscriber growth with expertly curated, up-to-date business and location data, providing you with a current and comprehensive list of all known serviceable addresses.

You also have the option to build your own definition of a serviceable location based on several fields:

  • Residential/business indicator from USPS
  • Standardized land use values from each county
  • Building designation: multi-dwelling units (MDU), multi-tenant units (MTU), mixed-use property (MXU)

And you can easily gain more contextualized information about properties to drive your broadband decisions with Property Graph

Normally, it requires vast amounts of time and money to identify and maintain the relationships between property-related datasets. But that all changes when you have access to a connected and current view of properties that ties all enrichment data back to the address – without heavy geospatial processing.

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