What is SAP customer master data?

Customer master data is a comprehensive set of data containing the essential information that your business needs on your customers in order to support your operations, marketing, customer service activities, and more.

Why is SAP customer master data important?

Data in the customer master provides essential details about your customers, including:

  • names
  • addresses
  • phone numbers and/or email addresses
  • billing, shipping, and payment conditions
  • tax information

These may seem straightforward enough, but one small mistake can create major implications for your business. This data within your SAP ecosystem is the foundation for accuracy and success in nearly every customer-facing and operational activity.

And yet, despite the value of customer master data, managing it effectively presents its own challenges – with factors like manual error-prone processes diminishing its accuracy and trustworthiness.

How to Solve the Top 10 Customer Master Data Challenges in SAP

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How can Precisely help with your SAP customer master data?

When it comes to customer master data management in SAP, it can feel overwhelming to think about overcoming the many challenges that manual processes present. But automation makes it simple – you enhance data integrity, operational efficiency, strategic agility, and more.

To stay on top of your mountain of data maintenance tasks, you can use Excel-based solutions that exchange data with SAP in the background – eliminating data entry via the SAP GUI.

Precisely Automate empowers SAP analysts, SAP super users, and master data professionals to build these SAP-enabled Excel workbooks with a simple “record, map, run” process.

These workbooks help you create or change thousands of records in a matter of minutes and can validate and standardize data along the way to improve data quality. Not only does productivity soar, but morale improves, and your team has more time for higher-value tasks.

Take the SAP XD02 t-code (customer update), for example. Using our Excel-based Automate Studio solution, users see average time savings of 99%. For XD02 (create customer-material info records), they see an average of 97% time savings.

With the ability to create or update thousands of records in just minutes, you free up time that can be focused on other valuable business objectives.

Think of it this way: the journey begins with a single step – a decision to move away from manual, error-prone processes toward an automated, streamlined future.

When you leverage the power of automation, you unlock the full potential of your customer master data, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Benefits like these and more enable the speed, agility, and data quality you need to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Ready for more accurate and confident decision-making – faster? Get started today.