What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is an all-encompassing term that refers to IT modernization, digital optimization, and the invention of new digital business models. The term is most commonly used to discuss the replacement of non-digital procedures or retooling of existing digital processes to create new business processes, culture, or customer experiences in a way that meets changing business or market requirements. 

Why Digital Transformation is Important?

Digital transformation helps organizations stay competitive and relevant by increasing efficiency and delivering new value for employees, customers, and partners. Benefits of digital transformation include improving data-driven insights, increased visibility across departments or lines of business, enhanced business agility, improved productivity, and increased profitability.

Precisely Data Integrity Suite can help your organization meet its digital transformation goals


Successful digital transformation strategies are reliant on several factors. First, organizations need to ensure that legacy system investments can be modernized to meet digital transformation requirements. Second, ineffective gathering and use of data can impede digital transformation. For example, many organizations have siloed systems holding data but no way to pull them together. In other cases, organizations have petabytes of raw data centralized in a data warehouse but no way to effectively standardize, verify, and validate data for broader use. And finally, digital transformation may require more context to be added to data to support the desired goal. That may require added location intelligence or the incorporation of third-party data on demographics, points of interest, and more.

Continuous iteration is inherent in digital transformation. Organizations must adapt and then iterate on digital transformation strategies to achieve maximum benefit.

How Precisely Can Help

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite helps businesses successfully execute digital transformation projects by allowing them to trust that the data these initiatives rely upon has maximum accuracy, consistency, and context. With high-performance data integration capabilities, organizations can connect legacy infrastructure with new technologies to break down the data silos that often hinder digital transformation. Market-leading data quality capabilities ensure that data is standardized, verified, and validated. It also allows businesses to understand their data by revealing hidden relationships, trends, and patterns hidden in data. 

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite adds context to data through industry-leading location intelligence and data enrichment. The suite allows users to organize, geo-enrich, and visualize location data. Up-to-date, curated business, location, and consumer datasets give additional context to data – making it more valuable and complete. The Precisely Data Integrity Suite ensures that data has the accuracy, consistency, and context critical to successful digital transformation.

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