What is data observability?

Data observability is a key element of data operations (DataOps). 

It enables a big picture understanding of the health of an organization’s data through continuous AI/ML-enabled monitoring, detecting anomalies throughout the data pipeline and preventing data downtime.

At its core, data observability can be broken down into three primary components:

  • Discover, Profile & Monitor: collecting and monitoring the information, and profiling the data
  • Analyze: processing the information, assessing historical trends, and detecting outliers – all with the use of AI/ML for automated intelligent analysis
  • Visualize & Act: utilizing dashboards to visualize data activity, sending proactive alerts to notify users of outliers, and providing additional context that informs whether data is ready to be used for decision-making

Data Integrity Suite - Data Observability


Why is data observability important?

Trust in data is crucial to making bigger, better decisions that lead to valuable new business opportunities. Data observability has a big role to play here, ensuring data reliability and supporting additional business imperatives with its powerful ability to:

  • Proactively eliminate the risks associated with inaccurate reporting and analytics.
    By detecting anomalies and automatically alerting the appropriate users to red flags that could create harmful data events, data observability empowers organizations to become more proactive – rather than reactive – in handling potential data issues that disrupt the business and create costly downstream issues.

  • Reduce the time and costs associated with solving operational issues.
    Automation and real-time notifications remove painstaking manual processes for users, while delivering the important information they need to get to the root cause of an issue – solving the problem before it truly has the chance to start.

  • Enable successful cloud transformational initiatives.
    Cloud transformational initiatives are a top priority for many businesses, but that means that data is getting shifted around more than ever before. With data observability tools, data engineers and other users throughout the business gain a valuable view of the entire stream of data – from source to target.

How can Precisely help with your data observability?

Ensure trust in your data and analytics with our Data Observability solution.  A part of the Data Integrity Suite, Data Observability enables a more proactive approach to preventing costly, time-consuming data issues.