What is SIEM?

In cybersecurity and information technology, security information and event management (SIEM) software provides real-time security analysis of systems, applications, and network hardware. 

Software vendors market SIEM products to analyze important security-related data and generate reports for monitoring security and compliance. SIEM systems aggregate data from across a business’s relevant systems to identify deviations, anomalies, and breaches, so that security controls can be implemented in response to a material event.

SIEM provides a broad overview of a system’s normal operations and can generate alerts when issues arise. SIEM software can operate by employing a statistical correlation engine or it can be rules-based. 

Advanced SIEM systems employ principles from machine learning to provide user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and security orchestration and automated response (SOAR).

A SIEM system is only as capable as its data collection practices. Data collection agents send security event information to a centralized platform where security analytics can parse through the data to identify threats that require response. Identifying security breaches quickly can help security analysts investigate incidents and plan responses before irreversible damage is done. 

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