What is IBM i (AS/400) ?

IBM i (formerly known as AS/400) is a transaction processing powerhouse favored by the world’s largest corporations representing a variety of industries, such as banking and financial services, manufacturing, retail, logistics, insurance, and healthcare. 

With a three-decade legacy for robustness, security, and reliability, IBM i continues to be a leader in critical data management. IBM i supports over 3,000 different platform solutions backed by over 2,500 independent software vendors and a certified network of IBM Business Partners. Leading suppliers of enterprise resource planning systems and industry-specific core-systems can also be found on the IBM i operating system

IBM i’s reliability savings in comparison to competitors Windows Server and Oracle’s Exadata are significant. For modern businesses reliant on critical applications to process instantaneous transactions such as banks and other financial service firms, reduced downtime and increased reliability translates into increased customer satisfaction and retention. 

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Benefits of IBM i

Thanks to IBM i’s object-based architecture and its sophisticated tools for both monitoring and logging, malware infection and security incidents are reputably fewer than its leading competitors. An object-based architecture provides enhanced security through isolation and malware resistance for business-critical systems. Data is encapsulated in an isolated container that dictates permissible actions and accessibility. 

This unique architecture provides constant object scrutiny, ensuring that malware does not infiltrate a system disguised as something else. IBM i’s real-time security features provides best-in-class protection from viruses and other malware masquerading as files. Isolated containers coupled with intrusion detection make it extremely unlikely that unauthorized instructions will execute. 

IBM i also provides authority collection for access controls and multi-factor authentication and cryptography in Power Systems, which enables encryption and digital signatures. Finally, applications do not need to be recompiled when hardware is refreshed on IBM i, ensuring that older applications continue to run smoothly as intended. 

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