What is Disaster Recovery (DR)?

Precisely offers high availability and disaster recovery for IBM i and AIX Power Systems


Disaster recovery (DR) is the function of a business’s server, applications and data after any form of disruption including those incurred from natural disasters, regional outage, site failure, server failure, disk failure, human error, malicious user, etc. 

Preventative Maintenance

Preventing attacks is the most important consideration when creating a disaster recovery plan. This includes risk assessments, both internally and externally conducted, as well as business impact analysis. Identifying the weakest areas of IT is important for understanding where there are security issues. Working to repair and reinforce these areas provides a higher level of security.

Investing in a high availability solution which enables critical systems to remain online during routine maintenance as well as during unplanned disruptions can also contribute to data and system security.

Corrective Measures

Having a plan in place to correct issues when recovering from a disaster is important, as well. Even the best security systems can be beaten in certain circumstances. Ensuring valuable data is safe and secure, even in extreme conditions, will go a long way towards maintaining security. Having servers in a separate location is a common practice to ensure that one location breach doesn’t allow an entire system to be vulnerable.

5 Reasons to Consider Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for IBM i


Detective Measures

Detecting a fault in the normal operating processes can help thwart potential attacks. Early detection allows the security measures in place to do their job. 

Precisely has protected some of the biggest businesses by creating effective DR plans. From preventative measures to handling private data during times of risk, Precisely can ensure that your data is safe in every circumstance. Review our DR solutions.