What is data anonymization?

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Data anonymization refers to the erasure or removal of personally identifying information from a data set. This is done to protect the privacy of the individual or entity the data was collected from. 

Anonymization is the process of taking sensitive personal data, such as mobile metadata or medical data, and removing any information that can link it back to an individual entity. 

Why would I anonymize my data?

Data anonymization allows companies to utilize large datasets for research and development purposes without compromising the privacy of their clients. 

Data anonymization confers a number of other benefits. Anonymized data can be:

  • processed

  • used for purposes other than that which it was originally collected for

  • sold

  • stored indefinitely

  • exported

Common Use Cases

  • Internal environments such as software development or testing that have to work with realistic data

  • Sharing reporting data with external entities that are not authorized to view sensitive information

  • Healthcare analytics such as population studies where specific patients must not be identifiable

In response to the EU’s recently enacted GDPR regulations , companies are turning to data anonymization as a means to protect privacy while enhancing security. Paying attention to data privacy is not just a compliance issue, but it also helps organizations realize the true benefits of Big Data while protecting consumers and clients alike. 

Since companies, banks, and other financial institutions are increasingly looking for ways to process large datasets while remaining in compliance with stricter regulations, Precisely is improving the processing and utilization of personal data without violating these new rules. 

Make data anonymization part of your risk management strategy. With concerns mounting over cybersecurity in the wake of recent high profile personal data breaches, Precisely's data privacy solutions can help you improve consumer confidence.

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