FAQ: General – Winshuttle

Precisely is the global leader in data integrity – helping companies achieve accurate, consistent, and contextualized data to inform better, more confident decisions.

What makes us unique in the market is our combination of software, data enrichment, and strategic services – a portfolio that’s earned high recognition for solutions for data integration, data quality, data governance, location intelligence, and data enrichment. That’s how we’ve become the global leader in our field, and more importantly, it’s how we enable customers like you to reach new levels of business value.

Today, Precisely powers better decisions for more than 12,000 global organizations, including 99 of the Fortune 100 – and the possibilities continue to grow.

Winshuttle was acquired by Precisely in June 2021. Throughout the coming months, we’ll continue to integrate various aspects of the Winshuttle business to create a unified experience for our customers.

Our mission at Precisely is to power better decisions with data you can trust. We help organizations achieve this through data integrity: data with the maximum accuracy, consistency, and context.

Precisely and Winshuttle have operated with the parallel goal of producing better outcomes with better data for many years. Now, with our combined portfolio of leading data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products, we can realize our vision for data integrity together.

The Winshuttle product portfolio of SAP automation (Winshuttle Studio & Evolve) capabilities are now part of the Precisely Automate product family. Master Data Management solutions are also now part of the portfolio, as Precisely EnterWorks.

Here’s the full list, for your reference:

  • Automate Studio
  • Automate Studio Manager
  • Automate Evolve
  • Automate Foundation
  • Automate User Governance
  • EnterWorks

You can find more product information at support.precisely.com: just select the Products tile and navigate to the product you’re looking for.

Yes, nothing has changed regarding our level of support for products. You’ll continue to receive the same level of great service that you’re used to, with added benefits from our increased size and global scale.

Support for all Automate products, as well as EnterWorks, can be found in one hub: support.precisely.com.

Please read the following for more information:

As a Precisely customer, you’ll continue to rely on the same products, services, and support you’ve enjoyed in the past.  What does change, is that you now have access to even more products and capabilities than ever before – like data integration, data governance and quality, location intelligence, data enrichment, and more.

Please see our Partner FAQ page for more information.