PSYTE™ US Geodemographic segmentation data provides users with an easy-to-understand classification of neighborhoods. The average age, income, education, preferences, and much more allow for data-driven personalization.

Designed with quality, accuracy, and privacy in mind, geodemographic segmentation deepens customer insights, to improve the characteristics and behaviors of populations in specific geographic areas.

PSYTE™ US Geodemographic data classifies segments into 12 lifestyle groups and 63 mutually exclusive neighborhood types, describing each with a short label, providing fast and easy insights that serve a multitude of uses.


  • Deepen customer relationships by providing targeted services and products that are relevant and timely.
  • Save time and money by strategically utilizing resources that reach the right audiences and increase engagement.
  • More accurate decision-making with a deeper level of context about the areas and demographics that power growth.


  • 63 clusters, grouped into 12 Groups, provide users the total solution for understanding the core traits of US consumer households.
  • 7 drill-down levels in 3 categories for refined analytics
  • Income
    • Property: Value
    • Property: Tenure
    • Property: Type
    • Property: Urban/Rural
    • Life stage: Age
    • Life stage: Household Composition



The PSYTE™ US geodemographic data cover all 50 States (incl. District of Columbia) of the United States.
Reference data
The households and population estimates associated with the US segmentation product have a Census 2020 reference date.
Update frequency
Geodemographic Data Counts
PSYTE™ US geodemographic data segments – 63 plus 1 not classified cluster. PSYTE™ US Drill-Down variables – 7 Drill-Down variables with qualitative labels.

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