Place Intelligence Metrics Dataset

Dive deeper into the intelligence you need for cross-shopping insights, consumer attributes, trade areas, and visitation trends.

With access to location-based metrics for over 4 million points of interest, you’ll bring your analytics to the next level for more powerful decision-making.

Place Intelligence Metrics is a comprehensive dataset that gives you the control and flexibility to build custom analytic visualizations around four classes of metrics:

• Visitation trends by day and hour
• Consumer demographic attributes
• Cross-visitation behaviors
• Trade area analysis


Stronger analytics and better decisions await. With Place Intelligence Metrics, you unlock new levels of insights that give you an edge over the competition.

  • Longitudinal Analysis: Analyze daily traffic trends and stats for visits, visitors, and locations.
  • Cross-Shopping Insights: View insights for weekly or same-day cross-shopping, or visitation by hour of day or day of week.
  • Consumer Attributes Examine: Carrier and device types, or demographics – like age, ethnicity, income, and education level.
  • Trade Areas: Identify where consumers come from to visit individual locations for your own locations – and your competitors’.

Dataset Details & Features

Place Intelligence Metrics is delivered in five tables:

  1. Metric – A mapping of metrics to spatial_IDs by week.
  1. Place – A mapping of place_ids to spatial_ids with various metadata about the place.
  1. Chain – A mapping of chain_id to chain_name and associated financial identifiers (ex: Stock Ticker).
  1. Category – A mapping of category id to category description and type.
  1. Designated Market Area (DMA) – A mapping of dma_codes to dma_names.



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