GeoVision is an enhanced version of PSMA’s Geoscape® product, Australia’s only nationwide representation of the built environment.

GeoVision simplifies and enhances the experience of using this nationally important dataset, and provides a picture of every building at an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail, including:

  • Building height
  • Roofing information
  • Land cover and trees
  • Solar panels
  • Swimming pools

GeoVision is available and maintained for all urban, regional, rural, and remote areas of Australia.

Precisely's GeoVision dataset provides accurate building details across Australia: Building heights, roofing info, land cover, pools & more


Public sector

  • Planning, compliance, emergency management, and visualization


  • Line of sight and viewshed analysis, market location analysis, and RF modeling

Real Estate

  • Valuation, marketing, farm mapping, and asset evaluation


  • Risk assessment, premium determination, and claims assessment


  • Building locations, solar installations, connection points, and planning

Service Providers

  • Location of buildings, swimming pools, and solar installations


Building Address

  • Cadastral parcel identifier
  • Property information
  • Zoning
  • Suburb and locality
  • Postcode
  • Local government area
  • SA1 and mesh block

Building Attributes

  • Roof area
  • Roof pitch/complexity
  • Maximum height of overhanging trees
  • Number of roof vertices
  • Ground-level building centroid
  • Maximum roof height
  • Swimming pool indicator
  • Roof material
  • Solar panel indicator
  • Residential land use indicator

Landcover and tree height

  • Impervious surfaces: built-up areas, roads and paths, bare earth, and buildings
  • Vegetation: tree coverage, grass coverage, and unspecified vegetation
  • Water


  • Complete national coverage including rural and remote areas
  • Easy searching and reporting by
    • Address
    • Suburb
    • Postcode
    • Real property description
    • Property identifier
  • Simplified usage so users can be productive immediately upon installation
  • Multi-resolution raster format



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