PSYTE HD Financial

PSYTE HD Financial classifies Canada’s neighborhoods into distinctive types or clusters based on the residents’ financial characteristics and behaviors.

With our geodemographic segmentation system, each cluster is assigned a name that triggers images of economic status, occupation, and the types of financial products and services that consumers in that particular cluster are likely to purchase.

PSYTE HD Financial: See financial classification of Canada neighborhoods


  • Identify new target groups based on financial condition and behaviors such as investing, saving, and use of credit
  • Understand your best customers and where they live
  • Drive successful target marketing campaigns
  • Power market and site location studies


Layers are provided at the following levels:

  • Canada
  • Province
  • Census metropolitan area/census agglomeration (CMA/CA)
  • Census division
  • Census tract
  • Census subdivision
  • Dissemination area (DA)
  • Federal electoral district (with the exception of FSA level in Manitoba)


PSYTE HD financial clusters include:

  • Platinum Domain
  • Blue Chip Investors
  • Upper Middle Amenities
  • Monster Mortgage
  • Cautious Customers
  • Quiet Neighbours
  • Kids & Credit
  • Baby Bills
  • Frugal Families
  • Rent-to-Own
  • Just Checking
  • New Beginnings
  • Next in Line
  • Lagging Liquidity
  • Looking Back




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