ExchangeInfo Plus

ExchangeInfo Plus is an essential tool for visualizing and analyzing the telecommunications landscape and associated infrastructure data to support better business decisions.

This comprehensive database contains key telecommunications infrastructure data for every wire center in the U.S. and Canada. Wire centers are the basic unit of geography for the communications industry; they describe the organization of the local telephone exchange system.

ExchangeInfo Plus makes it easy for users to perform complex, robust analyses of the local telephone exchange system. Rigorous methodology, extensive research, an on-going customer feedback mechanism and monthly updates ensure that the communications infrastructure data is our most accurate and current information available.

ExchangeInfo Plus: database of US & Canada telephone exchange system


  • Understand and visualize the service areas of local exchange carriers
  • Plan interconnection routes and identify required collocations for optimum efficiency
  • Perform competitive analysis and market research


  • Wire center regions
  • Central office points
  • NPA/NXX details


  • Provides extensive information on the public telephone infrastructure from a single source
  • Industry-standard design for ultimate system compatibility
  • Wire center service area verification using over 50 million addresses
  • Contains specific communications industry data including



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