Designated Market Area Regions (DMAR)

Designated Market Area Regions (DMARs) delineate the geographic boundaries of 210 distinctive regions to assess TV penetration of audience counts within the U.S. for a viewership year. The DMAR code is created by Nielsen’s assignment of a 3-digit number for identification and processing purposes.


The Designated Market Area Regions (DMARs) dataset includes:

  • DMAR boundary data
  • DMAR point (inventory) data
  • DMAR name and 3-digit code
  • Total area of each DMAR (in square miles)
  • 210 distinctive DMARs within U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska


  • DMAR Boundaries are defined by current county boundaries; when viewership within a county is split, or if a DMAR boundary splits a county, ZIP Code boundaries are used instead
  • Boundaries are updated annually as DMAR county assignments change to reflect the most current television year



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