Consumer Attributes

Gain a deeper understanding of your most important customers and prospects. With Consumer Attributes, you’re able to see:

  • Demographic attributes
  • Socioeconomic attributes
  • 90 days of brand visitation
  • Mobile device type

Better understand real-world behaviors with the ability to enrich your first-party data with real-world attributes using the Firehose Visits Dataset.

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  • Need to enhance your marketing targeting? Or increase visitation to your brick-and-mortar locations?
  • Deeper understanding of your customers and prospects will power better results for these objectives and more.
  • The Consumer Attributes dataset makes it possible by enabling you to append demographic, socioeconomic, device type, and visitation attributes to your first-party data. These insights can then be actioned upon through audience activation.

Dataset Details & Features

Consumer Attributes are collections of devices aggregated in specific segments or attributes. These can be based on visitation, demographics, consumer profiles, etc. This dataset is delivered in three tables:

  1. Fact device attribute – Assignment of device_keys to specific attributes with a score assigned.
  2. DIM device – A mapping of Precisely PlaceIQ device_keys to IDFA (The identifier for advertisers for Apple devices) & AAIDs (Google Advertising ID (AAID) for Android devices).
  3. Device attribute mapping – A mapping of device_attribute_IDs to device_attribute_names.





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