Community and Market Link

Created using location intelligence software to perform point-in-polygon operations with address and boundary data, Community and Market Link products provide a flat text file of addresses associated to boundaries.

With Community and Market Link, users don’t need to perform complex and time-consuming geospatial processing to understand the relationships between an address and the boundaries it falls within. Insights into customer activity, school districts, and township administration are available through a quick and simple lookup.

Using the PreciselyID unique address identifier, Community and Market Link can be used to connect with other datasets with information related to properties, natural hazard risk, points of interest, and demographics.

Community and Market Link data helps you gain insight of U.S. addresses based on location - neighborhoods, schools, zip codes, census & more


  • Enhance understanding of customer activity
  • Develop accurate real estate profiles
  • See the hierarchy of boundaries for an address point
  • Link boundary information to risk, property, and demographic data
  • Identify new potential locations
  • Perform analytics to better understand markets


Community and Market Link associates U.S. addresses to boundaries and are available in the following options:

  • Community Link – Colleges
  • Community Link – Metros
  • Community Link – Neighborhoods
  • Community Link – Residential
  • Community Link – Schools
  • Market Link – 5 Digit Zip Codes
  • Market Link – Carrier Routes
  • Market Link – Census
  • Market Link – Congressional Districts
  • Market Link – DMAs
  • Market Link – Time Zones
  • Master Link (includes all above boundaries)


  • The most comprehensive and accurate coverage derived from best-in-class geocoding
  • Fast and easy lookup of important boundary information with a unique address identifier
  • Flat text file for flexibility in usage
  • Regular updates to ensure the latest data



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