FSA and 6-Digit Postal Codes

FSA and 6-Digit Postal Codes are available separately or in a bundle. The FSA file contains the polygon boundary files and centroids for Canada’s Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs). The 6-Digit Postal Codes file contains over 800,000 postal records and over 4,000 new postal codes. Latitude and longitude coordinates and a single “most representative point” are provided for each postal code in Canada.


  • Simplify mapping and demographic analysis of customer records
  • Link postal geography with Dissemination Area (DA) boundaries
  • Assign DAs to the most appropriate FSA
  • Create boundary files by snapping FSA boundaries to DAs where no alternative descriptions are available
  • Limit overlapping boundaries by determining which direction a postal code and/or street segment split should take across DAs


  • 6-Digit Postal Code points extracted from Canadian postal points
  • Includes 3-Digit FSA boundaries with postal and province codes


  • Includes more than 1,600 urban and rural FSAs across Canada
  • Assigns most FSAs to one or more Dissemination Area centroids
  • Gives the latitude and longitude of the single “most representative point” for every Canadian postal code
  • Provides a total of over 800,000 postal records



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