Suburbs and Localities Australia

Suburbs and Localities Australia provides authoritative geographic demarcations of gazetted suburb boundaries and non-gazetted locality boundaries in a single table format. With over 15,000 suburb and locality boundaries, this data offering is a key element for mapping and linking business data for geographic analysis.

Australia Suburbs and Localities Boundaries for Mapping & Analysis


Dataset includes:

  • Suburbs/localities table
  • Incremental file includes the areas that have changed between biannual releases
  • Change log
  • Suburb aliases


  • Offers complete national coverage including rural and remote areas
  • Provides non-gazetted boundaries for localities not formally defined by a jurisdiction
  • Delivers the most accurate and up-to-date suburb boundary definitions available for Australia
  • Makes it easy to link and thematically map internal business data, and visualize settlement density



Australia, New Zealand
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