ABS Boundary Pack

The ABS Boundary Pack provides a complete set of Australian geographic boundaries applicable to the Census of Population and Housing as well as other data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Australia Bureau of Statistics Boundary Pack - Australian Census Data


  • Enables mapping of all data provided by the ABS
  • Saves time downloading and stitching state-based boundaries


Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS)

Volume 1: Main structure

  • State and Territory (STE)
  • Greater Capital City Statistical Area (GCCSA)
  • Statistical Area Level 4 (SA4)
  • Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3)
  • Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2)
  • Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1)
  • Mesh Block (MB)

Volume 2: Indigenous structure

  • Indigenous Region (IREG)
  • Indigenous Area (IARE)
  • Indigenous Location (ILOC)​

Volume 3: Non-ABS structures

  • Australian Drainage Division (ADD)
  • Commonwealth Electoral Division (CED)
  • Local Government Area (LGA)
  • Natural Resource Management Region (NRMR)
  • Postal Area (POA)
  • State Electoral Division (SED)
  • State Suburb (SSC)
  • Tourism Region (TR)​

Volume 4: SUA, UCL, SOS

  • Section of State (SOS)
  • Section of State Range (SOSR)
  • Urban Center and Locality (UCL)
  • Significant Urban Area (SUA)

Volume 5: Remoteness structure

  • Remoteness Area (RA)
  • Australian Statistical Geography Classification (ASGC)
  • Statistical Local Area (SLA)



  • Offers complete national coverage for Australia
  • Provides Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) boundaries
  • Includes Australian Standard Geography Classification (ASGC) boundaries
  • Provides federal, commonwealth, and state electoral boundaries


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