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Deliver Personalized Emails in Real Time with EngageOne Compose

Authors Photo Precisely Editor | March 24, 2022

The past two years have seen a dramatic shift in consumer preferences toward digital channels of communication. As the COVID pandemic prompted a shift toward remote work and e-commerce, customers found new modes for interactive communication with the companies with whom they do business. As a result, it’s more important than ever before that organizations master the multichannel customer experience. Those who do will ultimately prevail in the battle for the hearts and minds of consumers.

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Despite the sometimes negative implications of the phrase “email marketing,” the fact remains that most consumers view email as a primary means of communicating with the brands with which they interact. According to the most recent CMO Council’s “Critical Channels of Choice” Report, 91% of consumers expect companies to use email as a primary method of interactive communication. That’s substantially higher than phone, website, in-person interaction, or text messaging, which rate between 43% and 61% in the same survey.

When consumers need urgent help, email still ranks as one of the most preferred methods of communication, tied with person-to-person interaction via telephone. At a time when consumers have more options than ever, email is still at the top of the list.

Getting Your Message to the Right People at the Right Time

The process is never as simple as crafting a generic message and sending it to your list, though. Personalization is key. Consumers face a deluge of information every day. That makes it more challenging than ever to get your message across effectively. How can you ensure that your message will be heard above the background noise? How can you be heard above the rest of the crowd?

The key is to invite customers into a deeper relationship with your brand by delivering content that is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. To achieve maximum effect, email should be personalized to the needs and preferences of each individual. It should preemptively filter out irrelevant content and highlight the items most likely to interest the target customer. Above all, that process should be driven by data. The companies that develop a thorough, data-driven understanding of each of their customers and use that data to deliver relevant messages to each individual will ultimately prevail over those that do not.

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Four Strategies for Advancing Customer Engagement and Digital Transformation

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Consider a few scenarios in which personalization is utterly lacking from email campaigns. Your airline sends you a monthly update, inviting you to register for a frequent flyer promotion. The only problem is, you’ve already registered for that one. Why is the airline inviting you to do so again? It’s a minor annoyance, but it carries a subtle message: this company doesn’t seem to care about your time. It’s sending you messages that aren’t relevant to you. What’s worse, that fact should be obvious to the company.

Several top brands have generated negative attention by sending promotional emails aimed at parents welcoming a new baby into their family, only to discover that they had sent that message to the wrong audience. Those efforts were embarrassing and left many consumers confused. Worse yet, for customers who had faced a recent loss, it was upsetting and came across as insensitive.

On the other hand, most consumers have likely been impressed or even delighted when a company reaches out with a message that clearly says “We care about you, and we’re here to respond to your unique needs.” Effective personalization delivers content that matters to each individual, omitting the things they are unlikely to care about. Truly great personalization keys in on the major concerns and life events of the customer as they happen.

That’s what makes companies that truly understand excel at customer engagement. Personalized email, driven by enriched customer data that provides a 360° view of the consumer, is the key to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Beyond Marketing: Staying Engaged Throughout the Customer Journey

Of course, email isn’t just about promoting and selling products and services; it’s a valuable tool for customer onboarding, post-sales service and support, legal and regulatory communications, and more. By delivering the right messages at various stages throughout the customer journey, companies can more effectively build relationships that translate into long-term brand loyalty. That turns customers into evangelists, building brand equity across a much wider audience.

Precisely EngageOne Compose provides personalized, data-driven email communications, enabling enterprises to transform their customer communications for immediate impact. With EngageOne Compose, a customer service agent can build out customer interactive communication on the fly using a specific consumer’s personalized information and can send that email immediately. Organizations that have EngageOne Compose in place are well-positioned to build on their strengths and engage even more deeply with their target audiences.

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Managing personalized communications doesn’t need to involve tedious and time-consuming attention to a myriad of compartmentalized and fragmented solutions, EngageOne Compose empowers different parts of the business to communicate with each other using the same language and toolset, collaborating around a standardized workflow, and working from a single common database. That reduces complexity and allows your team to focus on more robust physical and digital customer engagement, driving real-time satisfaction and resolution.

EngageOne Compose can be deployed using the Internet browser of your choice; it is supported on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and more. Flexible UI options are available for interactive users and include a forms-input view as well as WYSIWYG template experience. Users can choose whichever interface they find to be most convenient.

EngageOne Compose is a component of Precisely’s broader EngageOne suite of products, making it easy to add on-demand and interactive communications across multiple physical and digital channels – including personalized video and advanced archiving capabilities for all essential communications.

To learn more about how personalized email communications can enhance the customer experience you deliver to your audience, read our free whitepaper, Four Strategies for Advancing Customer Engagement and Digital Transformation.