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Improve Customer Data Quality: Validate, Verify and Enrich Entries in Your Customer Database

Authors Photo Jamie Heckler | March 25, 2017

To effectively run a business, you must have verified information for each of your contacts. Customer data quality is important to consider as you build and maintain your customer database.
Verifying the accuracy of contact details – name, mailing address, phone and email – within your database can be the key to retaining customers. In fact, one of our clients refers to accurate customer information as “Golden Records” for just this reason! In addition, using Data Quality as a Service can arm you with additional customer intel and help prevent online fraud.
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There’s so much information around the value of Data Quality as a Service, that we published an 3-part blog series:

1. A Customer Database Full of Valid Email Addresses Means Business

As most marketers will tell you, an email address is the starting point to generating new business. Email validation not only helps organizations avoid the time and effort of sending messages to inactive account or incorrect contacts, they can also increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and customer contact management systems. Read more >

2. For Customer Data Quality Verify Telephone, Address & IP Services

Undeliverable mail costs US businesses over a billion dollars each year! Having valid customer mailing addresses ensures that you don’t miss out on sales opportunities. And, it’ll save you some postage! Similarly, verifying phone, mailing and IP addresses in your customer database can also make sure your customer records are helping your business make money. Read more >

3. Common Use Cases of Data Quality as a Service

Did you know data validation can help you prevent credit card fraud? Did you also know data enrichment can capture additional customer details around each piece of information you already have? The most common uses cases for Data Quality as a Service include improving security around online retail transactions and elevating effectiveness of your targeted marketing campaigns. Read more >

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Thanks to the recent addition of Trillium’s data quality products, Syncsort can now leverage both data integration and data quality to help organizations deliver all critical enterprise data assets with the highest integrity to next-generation Big Data environments for trusted, actionable insights.
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