Syncsort Capacity Management Support Lifecycle

Supported versions

This page details Precisely’s support lifecycle for the central applications of Syncsort Capacity Management (formerly known as “Athene”).

“GA” refers to the current Generally Available version. “GA -1” and “GA -2” are previous GA versions. “GA +1” indicates the next version and dates appearing for this are subject to change without prior notice.

Unless previously agreed with Syncsort, versions older than those shown here are unsupported.

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Support Definitions

Unless otherwise contractually agreed, these definitions are in effect:

Mainstream support: Full assistance to diagnose issues and create fixes or workarounds for issues; documentation updates. Agreed enhancements will be considered for a future release. Mainstream support of the oldest supported version will continue until one month after a new version is released. See the table below for details and dates.

Extended support: Diagnosis of issues will be performed, but new fixes will not be generated. If an issue already has a fix available, it will be provided; other support work may be chargeable – this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Extended support continues for three months after the end of mainstream support.


GA Version Release Date Mainstream Support End date Extended Support End date
GA-2 12.10 April 6th, 2021 August 26th, 2022 Anticipated: Q4 2022
GA-1 12.20 October 14th, 2021 Anticipated: Q2 2023 Anticipated: Q3 2024
GA 12.30 July 27th, 2022 Anticipated: Q4 2023 Anticipated: Q1 2024
GA+1 12.40 Anticipated: Q1 2023 Anticipated: Q1 2024 Anticipated: Q2 2024


Please Note: Support is until the end of the quarter unless otherwise specified above.

Support for Acquires

Support for Acquires is generally a much longer term than the GA -2 limit for central applications as they are often numerous in quantity and outside of the Capacity Management team’s ability to force updates.

We retain the right to declare certain versions of Acquire as no longer supported from a particular version of the central applications, especially if the operating system on which the Acquire runs is itself no longer supported by its vendor.

If you choose to run untested combinations of Acquire and Control Center then any problems that arise are not guaranteed to be fixed, and we may require an upgrade to be made to a supported combination before assistance is provided.

Under no circumstances may an Acquire be at a higher version than that of the Core software.

For details of which versions of Acquire are supported please refer to the Release Notes document for the specific version of the central applications in question.