ABEND821U RC=826 or a loop may occur when a striped data set is used as SORTIN or SORTOUT under z/OS 2.2.

Syncsort MFX for z/OS Release 2.1: PTF TY01377 – This fix can be applied before z/OS 2.2 is installed.  Note that there may be some performance degradation in applications with compressed input and/or output data sets with ZPSaver after the application of the maintenance.  Full support without performance degradation is expected in Q3 2016. PTF TY01377 is included in TPF3.

Download this maintenance in binary mode into an MVS data set with the following attributes:


Syncsort MFX for z/OS Release 1.4: EW6258 – Do not apply this fix until z/OS 2.2 has been installed.

Note for SMP/E Users:  The PRE(TY20Z14) parameter applies to the level of Release 1.4.  If you are on the level, change the PRE parameter to PRE(TY10Z14); if you are on the level, change the PRE parameter to PRE(TY01Z14).  If you are on the level, no PRE parameter is required.

Your maintenance level is displayed in the WER169I message in any Syncsort MFX SYSOUT; it is also displayed in the Syncsort MFX header message after ‘SYNCSORT FOR Z/OS 1.4’ – the next two digits represent the maintenance (TPF) level.