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Trillium Geolocation

Accurate address verification & geolocation tool

Trillium Geolocation provides accurate postal addresses, together with geocoding, that can be easily integrated into your business applications and user interfaces through a variety of standard interfaces. Trillium Geolocation searches, validates, corrects and standardizes address data, and enriches addresses with latitude and longitude geodata coordinates.

Data entry keystroke errors can be reduced by up to 80%

Trillium Geolocation can be easily integrated into your business applications to enable rapid entry of address data with a minimal number of keystrokes/mouse clicks required. It exploits rapid-key technology that generates a prospective list of addresses that is continuously refined as users select address fields. For high-volume, high-productivity environments (such as call centers, marketing registration pages and ecommerce sites), it reduces the time to complete transactions, while ensuring that the right information—properly fielded—is used.

With assurance of the right data, you avoid billing and shipping errors, collection delays, wasted mailings and misdirected customer communication, all of which can often be attributed to inaccurate address information. You also improve your customers’ experience by allowing Precisely Trillium technology to take responsibility for much of the data entry task.

Trillium Geolocation supports global address formatting

Trillium Geolocation supports 240 different countries and territories by providing the appropriate formats, character sets, rules and postal standards. Unicode support includes a broad range of languages. The address/geodata data store includes reference data on global addresses together with geocode coordinates and other related information, with the intelligence to identify and apply the data to standard address formats.

Advanced searching enables individual address components, such as house number, street, city, postal code, to be pinpointed with accuracy, with drill down to view the correct range of addresses for any data point supplied.

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Trillium Geolocation