Solution Sheet

Syncsort ZPSaver

Offload up to 90% of all your Copy, SMS Compression and now Sort CPU cycles to zIIP with Syncsort ZPSaver

Syncsort ZPSaver allows Syncsort MFX for z/OS® customers to shift Copy processing, SMS Compression and now Sort processing to zIIP engines, freeing up nearly all mainframe CPU time and improving overall elapsed time.

Syncsort ZPSaver’s performance advantages translate into significant cost savings:

  • In sub-capacity pricing environments, lowering CPU utilization during the four-hour peak window is critically important for containing overall softwarecosts.
  • Saved CPU time delays hardware upgrades in the face of increasing data volumes.
  • Freed-up capacity lets you do more with less by supporting new workloads with the same resources.
  • More efficient processing supports more work on an MSU- capped LPAR.
  • Lowering CPU time results in lower fees for organizations that are charged based on CPU utilization for mainframe hosting or outsourcing.
  • The ability to meet SLAs and batch window requirements reduces risk and associated costs to the business. Process more data on MSU-capped LPARs thanks to more efficient Copy, Compression and Sort processing.
  • Encrypting sortwork in Syncsort MFX helps compliance efforts but can increase CPU usage and the peak 4HRA. Moving this work to the zIIP processor saves considerable processing time on the main CPU and licensing costs.Best of all, Syncsort ZPSaver requires no changes to any of your existing applications.

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to maximize the value of their mainframe applications while reducing software and CPU costs. Offloading expensive processing to zIIP engines provides a huge opportunity to reduce costs and free up mainframe capacity with very little effort.

For years, Precisely customers have enjoyed the unparalleled speed, efficiency and ease-of-use of Syncsort ZPSaver which allows them to execute sort operations on the zIIP engines, saving valuable CPU time. However, mainframe z/OS® Sort, Copy and Compression processing can also consume hundreds of hours of CPU time annually and contribute to batch window bottlenecks. In many cases,the pervasive use of Sort, Copy and Compression steps in many z/OS batch jobs can easily escalate costs and jeopardize performance-based service level agreements (SLAs).

Syncsort ZPSaver