Solution Sheet

Syncsort™ Optimize IMS

Syncsort™ Optimize IMS is a data migration and application transparency solution specifically designed to address the challenges of IMS data migration to Db2

Eliminate risks when migrating

Syncsort™ Optimize IMS provides a rapid and efficient migration from IMS to Db2, without the traditional risks and costs associated with rewriting legacy IMS applications. Syncsort™ Optimize IMS is the bridge between your IMS applications that remain unchanged and your databases that now reside in Db2, providing the ability to eliminate IMS DB and costly 3rd party IMS support tools. Optimize IMS is not a replication tool, it is full replacement of IMS DB.

There’s no code to understand and update as Syncsort™ Optimize IMS makes it possible to move to Db2 as quickly and efficiently as possible, with no disruption to your core business. Once your data is migrated to Db2, your applications can run using Syncsort™ Optimize IMS’s transparency layer, or databases can be updated individually over time to run natively with Db2.

A smarter approach to IMS data migration

With Syncsort™ Optimize IMS, application programs remain unchanged, and that means full protection of your application investments. Powerful mapping and migration tools get you to Db2 quickly, one or more IMS databases at a time. Applications continue to issue IMS/DB requests, but where requested data has been migrated to Db2, Syncsort™ Optimize IMS retrieves it and delivers it back to the application as if it came from IMS/DB.

Syncsort™ Optimize IMS benefits

  • Rapid delivery
  • Transparent data migration
  • Lowest risk
  • Increase access to critical information.
  • Reduce costs


  • 24×7 availability and mixed workload support
  • Easy integration with other applications and ebusiness systems
  • Open data for business intelligence
  • Single mainframe DBA skill set
  • Single operational database environment to support

Organizations migrating IMS data to Db2 typically want to achieve one or more business goals:

  • Eliminate IMS/DB and achieve significant reduction in their software budget
  • Leverage existing IMS data to be the basis of new, and often web based application development

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