Solution Sheet

Syncsort Network Management

z/OS network management with Syncsort Network Management enables users to maintain critical service levels and business continuity.

The features and functions can be implemented together or individually, and are highly customizable. Full automation capabilities allow you to reduce your IT spend by replacing legacy network management tools, such as NetView® or NetMaster®, with a modern alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Innovative architecture

As opposed to the traditional three-tier architecture, the web browser interface is based on a two-tier structure, making it independent of any third-party hardware, software, additional web servers, or browser plug-ins.

Syncsort Network Management “serves” its web pages directly, eliminating the need for a separate web server. This avoids the pitfalls of the three-tier approach, which adds complexity, cost and overhead, and introduces an additional point of failure.

The two-tier architecture also provides the following features:

  • Reduces costs without the need for additional hardware or software
  • Simplifies implementation because client software is not required
  • Deploys rapidly from any supported web browser
  • Imposes little or no processor overhead because all graphical formatting is performed within the browser
  • Provides a single interface for all your network management needs

Syncsort Network Management benefits

Syncsort Network Management simplifies the management of your z/OS networks by integrating various network management tools into a single browser-based interface.

With its easy-to use, context-sensitive help and comprehensive glossary of network terminology, the display is configurable to your business needs and allows several components to be viewed simultaneously, greatly simplifying network management for your IT staff. Site-specific help can be embedded, further enhancing its value as a central repository for all your network-related information.

  • EE security
  • Automation
  • IE monitoring
  • Linux monitoring
  • OSA monitoring
  • FTP control
  • Trace & solve
  • Application security
Syncsort Network Management