Solution Sheet

Syncsort MFX Platinum Service

Precisely raises the bar with its Syncsort MFX Platinum Service offering, available by invitation only to Syncsort MFX customers.

Syncsort MFX Platinum Service is designed to provide unparalleled support to meet an organization’s most critical technical and business requirements

Some of the exclusive features offered include:

  • Expedited After-Hours Support.  Direct access to an on-call analyst and multiple levels of management. Get extra peace of mind knowing every problem receives immediate attention – day or night.
  • “Health Check” with SMF Analysis. Annual Performance Analysis using SMF data to highlight the actual performance of the Syncsort MFX products.
  • Dedicated Support Team. Enjoy the consistency, enhanced support, and close working relationship provided by a dedicated Precisely Platinum Services Team dedicated exclusively to your account.
  • Monthly Status Meetings. Regular status meetings with the Precisely PST to review your account’s service and support. Covered topics include planned changes to your environment and the identification/ resolution of any software issues, as well as early notification of new Precisely product releases and enhancements. Proactive management is instrumental in avoiding potential problems before they arise – and effectively addressing them if they do occur.
  • Enterprise License Key. Maintain the same license key when you upgrade to a new machine, increase MSUs, or change LPAR configurations. This new license key approach delivers significant administrative savings by removing the burden of requesting and installing new license keys for regular changes in your environment.
  • No-Charge Professional Services. Receive a specified number of days of Precisely Professional Services at no charge, based on contract size.
  • Early Notification of New Releases and Enhancements. Be among the first to know about upcoming new product releases and enhancements, allowing you to coordinate your other software releases and plan ahead to take full advantage of new features.
  • Annual On-site Visit. An expansion of the monthly status meetings, this annual on-site Precisely PST visit will allow for more time to explore strategic topics, as well as:
    • Review support requests from the previous year; plan deployment of scheduled product releases
    • Participate in Syncsort MFX Product Management meetings
      • Review Precisely corporate and Syncsort MFX product direction
      • Review problems and concerns
      • Review plans/needs for the future
      • Influence future development efforts
Syncsort MFX Platinum Service Solution Sheet