Solution Sheet

Syncsort MFX

See why Syncsort MFX has a 50+ year history of specialized sorting expertise and exploits every significant hardware and operating system advancement for easy implementation and cost effectiveness.

Our product is a high-performance sort, copy and join utility designed to exploit the advanced facilities of the z/OS operating system and IBM® Z mainframes. Used in over 85 countries, Precisely’s Syncsort MFX solution is the most frequently installed third party software product on IBM and plug-compatible mainframes. Our product has a 45+ year history of specialized sorting expertise and exploits every significant hardware and operating system advancement for easy implementation and cost effectiveness. Superior sort performance, documented in benchmark tests, is the hallmark of Syncsort MFX technology. However, this product provides more than performance; it is a comprehensive product, with demonstrated benefits in key areas:

  • Performance
  • Resource Management
  • Data Utilities
  • Transparency
  • Support

Sort performance is a significant component of system efficiency. Industry studies have shown that sort-related processing can approach 25% of CPU time. Thus, reducing resources used for sorting can significantly increase overall system efficiency.

Our product is an easily implemented, fully transparent response to the need for sort efficiency. However, internally Syncsort MFX is a complex and highly sophisticated software product that exploits current system architecture with a combination of proprietary sorting algorithms, advanced access methods and dynamic optimization techniques.

Syncsort MFX optimization procedures dynamically monitor and respond to system status, including CPU utilization, DASD contention, controller caching, central storage availability, paging rates and the specific make and model computer this product is running on. Syncsort MFX also exploits advanced parallel access volume (PAV) technology to minimize the elapsed time of sort executions.

Syncsort ZPSaver can offload up to 90% of all Sort, Copy & SMS Compression CPU cycles to the IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP), saving money while delivering even faster processing for the mainframe. Syncsort ZPSaver executes transparently with current JCL and control statements.

Syncsort MFX - the high performance sort/copy/join utility for mainframe