Solution Sheet

Syncsort™ Capacity Management

The world’s leading companies rely on Syncsort™ Capacity Management cross-platform Capacity Management software and Precisely’s consulting and training services as key elements of their IT Service Management and Service Delivery.

Manage Syncsort™ Capacity Management on premises or in the cloud

Syncsort™ Capacity Management can be managed on premises by the organization’s Capacity Management staff or can be configured in the cloud. Syncsort™ Capacity Management Cloud provides clients with the capability to have a world-class Capacity Management process while avoiding the maintenance of software, databases, and the amount and granularity of data.

Organizations looking to augment staff or expertise can partner with Precisely Professional Services to create a managed service that will help them take advantage of the benefits of capacity management without having to increase the size or expertise of their staffs.

ServiceView – Syncsort™ Capacity Management ServiceView provides interactive, web-based short, medium, and long term views of performance and capacity issues across all your services, with automatic prediction of time left before any change is needed.

Capture – The key prerequisite for effective capacity management is to have quality data available for the analyst or planner to use. With the product, this data is captured in a variety of ways (including from Acquires, from Frameworks, via Integrator, and with Capture Packs) at a level of granularity to meet your needs.

This product captures data from all key infrastructure platforms, including z/OS, IBM i, VMware, Hyper-V, Unix, Linux, SQL Server, HP, Oracle, IBM Tivoli, Windows, Exchange, OpenVMS, Networks, Docker containers, HPE 3PAR, various storage systems, and many others.

Prediction – Having the ability to know in advance the likely consequence of changes to the business is crucial to ensuring uninterrupted service that continues to meet agreed service levels. This product uses a variety of techniques, including trending and analytic modeling to make accurate predictions.

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Syncsort Capacity Management Solution Sheet