Solution Sheet

Spectrum Spatial TrueView

Enable community self-service

Citizens and customers expect instant access to information and to transact online, 24×7. Spectrum Spatial TrueView provides easy to use searching and reporting within a browser-based interface to facilitate self-service for a range of applications such as:

  • Site specific flood information
  • Property searches and building constraints
  • Burial records and locations
  • Economic and investor portals
  • Planning scheme maps and overlays

Spectrum Spatial TrueView is a web-based spatial reporting framework that enables Councils to easily share information with their community to facilitate transparency. At the heart of Spectrum Spatial TrueView is the premise of being able to extract the value of traditional GIS (Geographic Information Systems), by automating the data discovery process using spatial or attribute relationships and exposing the functionality to non-technical users. This ensures that the correct information is always presented without the risk of misinterpretation.

Spectrum Spatial TrueView allows users to intuitively locate, discover, and share valuable information relating to a matter of interest. This is particularly suited to dealing with address centric locations such as properties.

Flexible and intuitive reporting

Easy access to online information facilitates the following benefits to the community:

  • 24 hour access to Council information, improving customer service and engagement
  • Provision of information to the public across the Council region
  • Consistent information in an easy to read and navigate format
  • Increased availability of information on Council’s website
  • Access from any device – laptop, tablet, mobile phone

Spectrum Spatial TrueView is a web-based spatial reporting solution which enables organisations to publish spatial and related information to a non-technical audience via an intuitive, easy to use search and reporting tool.


  • Connect to, and extract data from, many data sources – on or off premises
  • Full control over how and what to search


  • Identify all information for a location of interest
  • Fast and scalable searching across multiple data sources with immediate results
  • Formatted into a single, easy to digest report


  • Share engaging and interactive reports across a variety of mediums – SMS, email, PDF, web
Spectrum Spatial TrueView - Web based spatial reporting made easy