Solution Sheet

Spectrum Spatial Routing

With Spectrum Spatial Routing, users can determine whether a specific address falls within a pre-defined coverage area or calculate the most efficient route between two points. Spectrum Spatial Routing combines data quality, location intelligence, and sophisticated algorithms to streamline decision making across the enterprise.

Identify key target markets or new business locations and determine routes and catchment areas by calculating travel times and distances between points. Locate accurate routing information and empower individuals responsible for logistics, marketing, and network performance.

Accurate routing by distance or time

By transforming addresses into precise latitudes and longitudes, you can automatically calculate the distance between two points in terms of time or distance. Spectrum Spatial Routing calculates both: an isochrone is an area that can be traversed in a given amount of time, while the isodistance represents the points that are within a certain distance, such as miles or kilometers.

Nearly every industry must make decisions based on time or distance between two points. With Spectrum Spatial Routing, you can:

  • Identify market penetration in areas around specific stores or branches
  • Establish sales, risk or rating territories from coast to coast
  • Target marketing based on proximity to specific outlets
  • Identify the nearest service providers
  • Determine if a prospect lives within your coverage areas
  • Calculate the most efficient driving routes

Access accurate travel boundaries

How far are you or your customers willing to go? ‘Create Travel Boundary’ is a tool that allows you to create polygons corresponding to precise isochrone or isodistance calculations. In addition to the information needed for targeting and service eligibility, this tool provides insights that can lead to a competitive advantage.

  • Identify areas within your geography that cannot be reached within the desired time or distance
  • Identify pockets that fall outside your traditional boundaries that can be reached within a desired time or distance
Spectrum Spatial Routing Solution Sheet