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Spectrum Spatial

Enable location insight across your organization with Spectrum Spatial

Data drives every decision. Yet most organizations miss out on key insights because it’s too hard to access, interpret and deliver the most precise analysis in the right place, at the right time. Spectrum Spatial is the Location Intelligence solution that gives you the power, control and flexibility you need to overcome key business challenges. Turn data into actionable insights across users and departments. Integrate Location Intelligence into any workflow and customize experiences to drive more efficient, enlightened decisions. With its open data standards, interoperability and scalable, omnichannel visualization, Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to operationalize geospatial data for your unique needs.

Mitigate risk, grow revenues and streamline service delivery

Maximize data productivity
Integrate, access, manage and enrich data as you benefit from the flexibility of an SOA-compliant solution architecture for geoprocessing. With Spectrum Spatial, you can move from restrictive software and data challenges to sharing data and empowering users to create insights. You’ll uncover the enterprise value of location data as you gain more complete and accurate insights.

Assimilate Location Intelligence
Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to embed geospatial rules, logic and visualization into existing operational systems and workflows. It brings industrial-strength Location Intelligence to straight-through processing and enables self-service applications, all uniquely aligned to your business needs.

Power up a range of users
Senior management, data scientists, business analysts and customers will all find Spectrum Spatial simple to use. Intuitive functionality brings advanced analysis to any desktop, website, tablet or mobile need. Users can easily access, update and visualize, anywhere, anytime; fulfill mapping requests; and share data with co-workers, citizens, customers and partners.

Supported data formats and platforms

  • Generic Java Database Connectivity (JDBC®)
  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • PostgreSQL®/PostGIS
  • Oracle®
  • GeoPackage
  • And more

Bring your data to life

If you can imagine a geospatial business challenge or opportunity, you can solve it with one solution. From conception to execution, Spectrum Spatial provides agile, intuitive tools that empower users and accelerate success.

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Spectrum Spatial