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Spectrum Global Addressing

Enterprise address verification and standardization with Spectrum Global Addressing

Get it right the first time with Spectrum Global Addressing

An incorrect address can increase risk, fraud and costs. Multiply that risk by huge numbers of addresses and the impact can be significant. Now you can optimize address data quality across massive volumes of addresses. We’ll enable you to improve deliverability, simplify compliance and enhance customer engagement on a grand scale.

Easy to deploy across your different environments and systems, Spectrum Global Addressing can utilize one or more powerful addressing engines. With it, you can confidently match addresses across systems and databases. Create a common reference point and you can build and enrich robust customer profiles enterprise-wide.

Experience greater flexibility, accuracy and intelligence

Achieve smart data quality- Advanced parsing and built-in machine learning capabilities continually improve speed, accuracy and processing ability across different address formats and sources. By continuously learning and interpreting address conventions and variations, Spectrum Global Addressing minimizes manual intervention and easily scales to meet high-volume demands.

Be flexible and inclusive- An open systems design lets you deploy in any environment, from a single server to big-data platform. A flexible pricing model makes this solution an excellent fit for a wide range of needs. You’ll gain extensive coverage, including a vast and expanding pool of certified-deliverable addresses, all available through our multi-sourced approach.

Connect to new insight- As part of our verification and standardization process, we assign a unique identifier to each address. This makes it easier to link data across your organization, accelerate processing, and gain a rich single customer view.

Gain a more accurate, actionable Single Customer View
Exceptional high-volume address verification and standardization is a must-have for building robust customer profiles. Use it to link and GeoEnrich your customer data. Then you can confidently:

  • Identify households
  • Uncover relationships
  • Detect networks and patterns

To understand where customers live, work and travel — and how to optimize their relationships with your business — start with superior address quality enterprise-wide.

Spectrum Global Addressing