Solution Sheet

Spectrum Context Graph

Don’t let data overwhelm you

Today’s customer data has greater volume, variety, velocity and complexity than ever before. Customers expect immediacy, relevance and a more seamless experience with every interaction. But you simply can’t keep pace using a rigid relational database.

Solve your complex customer data challenges with the first solution that uses the power of Knowledge Graphs to create accurate, actionable customer centric views.

Discover a shareable, multi-dimensional view of your customers

Bring valuable data to life
Organizations once valued their customers in terms of theirnet worth. Now, it’s in terms of their networks. See how customers are connected to other people, places and things. Spectrum Context Graph helps identify high-value customers across all your business divisions, so you can market products that will motivate them to buy.

See what you’ve been missing
The Spectrum platform delivers a next generation approach to data quality and data integration in a single solution.  Incorporate social, spatial and predictive analytics that add context, validate entities and reveal complex relationships.  You’ll improve decision making by visualizing customer data as well as customer networks.

Access, connect and deploy
Using powerful NoSQL technology, Spectrum shares data from back-office systems, platforms and front-end business applications and third-party data sources.

  • Uncover hidden relationships
  • Understand influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Detect non-obvious relationships
  • Facilitate compliance to constantly evolving Data Privacy & AML regulations

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