Solution Sheet

Professional Security Services

Modern IT systems need complex, multilayered security. Precisely experts are here to help with professional security services.

Headlines frequently blare about security breaches and data thefts. In many industries, regulations requiring high levels of security already exist. More may be on the way. A focus on security is, thus, imperative.

IBM i is not by default a secure platform, but it is very securable.  Now that IBM i systems interoperate with many other platforms, and it has become known as a rich source of data by the hacker community, the system must be secured and vulnerabilities must be addressed. Precisely’s Global Services team can provide the experience and expertise needed to close the gaps, without straining your internal resources.

Flexible Security Offerings

In addition to ad hoc consulting and support, Precisely Global Services delivers customizable security offerings that can be deployed across Precisely’s full range of security solutions.

These offerings include:
Security Risk Assessment
• Quick Start
• Education and Training
• Implementation Assistance
• Quick Check
• Stay Up To Date
• System Change
• Auditor Assistance
• Managed Security Services
• Ad Hoc Professional Consulting Services

Assess Your Security with professional security services

Regular risk assessments are an essential element of a comprehensive security strategy and are required by many regulations. Yet external auditors are often unfamiliar with the unique security requirements of the IBM i, and your internal staff may not have the time or knowledge. Let the experts from Precisely Global Services perform a full IBM i Security Risk Assessment. You’ll receive a clear picture of your security vulnerabilities and specific recommendations for remediation.

Security experts will check all of your security-related IBM i system definitions, provide an explicit explanation of what they mean, and specify recommended changes. Reports will include a management summary that helps non-technical administrators and managers easily understand the state of their IBM i security, while also providing detailed, actionable information that technical staff can use to address vulnerabilities.

Precisely Professional Security Services