Solution sheet

Product Sheet: Precisely Spectrum Data Quality Solution

Match and consolidate enterprise data to create accurate, comprehensive customer records

Quality and consistency of data remains a key concern for most companies. Many organisations are not satisfied with their data quality, citing incorrect information, missing data fields and inconsistent standards as contributors to the problem. The cost of poor data can be substantial, including redundant efforts, dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.

Now Precisely provides the tools you need to help create and maintain up to- date information—consistent, accurate datathat can drive business results across every corner of your company.

The Precisely Spectrum Data Quality Solution, provides valuable insights that can help you improve the customer experience and increase customer value. Business users, administrators and data stewards can all access a single, enterprise-wide data quality solution to standardise, cleanse, update and enhance customer data, while streamlining the overall data quality process.

Precisely Spectrum Data Quality Solution