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Precisely HA/DR Services

In-depth Precisely HA/DR services, experience and expertise. Ready to go.

Your organization depends on your IT department’s expertise to optimize its business functionality. However, keeping those processes running non-stop without exception requires a different set of skills. It demands proficiency at building, using, monitoring and maintaining robust high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) environments.

Precisely Global Services offers HA/DR services backed by experienced professionals. On average, each of our HA/DR service consultants has over 20 years of high availability and disaster recovery experience across the full spectrum of size, scope and complexity of organizations and information environments.

Just-In-Time HA/DR Expertise

Some HA/DR tasks, such as testing and performance tuning, must be performed periodically, possibly once a month or year. Others, such as recovering after a disaster, are sporadic and rare. Still others, such as software installation, are “one-off” jobs.

Hiring in-house staff to perform that work may incur high training and salary costs. In contrast, by using Precisely Global Services you can contract the specific HA/DR expertise you need, only when you need it.

Flexible Service Offerings

In addition to ad hoc consulting and support, Precisely Global Services delivers customizable service offerings that can be deployed across Precisely’s full range of HA/DR solutions. These offerings include:

  • Quick Start Services
  • Update Support
  • Availability Tune-Ups
  • Availability Testing
  • Failover and Recovery Assistance
  • Managed HA/DR Services
  • Education

Quick Start

Comprehensive data and application availability protection doesn’t just happen. You need to build and configure your HA/DR environment quickly and accurately. Precisely’s HA/DR Quick Start service fulfills that need.

Precisely Global Services experts simplify and ensure proficient planning, quick implementation, complete documented procedures, and thorough testing of your HA/DR environment. They also transfer the skills your staff needs to recover lost data or role swap your systems in the event of a failure, a natural disaster, or planned maintenance. In addition, to ensure that your solution is optimally managed and monitored, most Quick Start services include a year of daily management.

Precisely HA DR Services